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Joe McMoneagle - the Stargate Chronicles

My recollection of the times between the beginning of 1982 and the early part of 1984 are almost completely clouded in a mist of pain, stress, and exhaustion. Because Ken and I were the only two now doing the remote viewing, we were completely buried with work. Much of the tasking that was brought to us from the multitude of agencies involved was related directly or indirectly to terrorist activities, which seemed to be growing exponentially.

Between Christmas Day of 1,981 and February of 1984, I participated in 168 separate intelligence problems addressing terrorism (11 incidents in Africa, 29 in Enrope, 35 in South America, 31 in the Middle East, and 61 on United States soil). This total was not the total amount of terrorists' actions by a long shot; it was hardly a percentile of the total. This was in addition to other forms of tasking. By the time I reached my own retirement date in September of 1984, I had participated in addressing well over 1,500 individual intelligence problems.

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McMoneagle, Joe

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