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Psychosis after visiting a tanning salon



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Cerebritis is an infection of the brain that normally leads to the formation of an abscess within the brain itself. It is the inflammation of the cerebrum, a structure within the brain, which performs a number of important functions, including most of the things which people associate with being human, such as memory and speech. It is also defined as a purulent nonencapsulated parenchymal infection of brain which is characterized by nonspecific features on CT (ill-defined low density area with peripheral enhancement) and cannot reliably be distinguished from neoplasms.

Cerebritis usually occurs as a result of an underlying condition, which causes the inflammation of the brain tissue. It is commonly found in patients with lupus. Lupus cerebritis may occur in adults and children. The duration of the central nervous system involvement may vary from a few minutes, as in classic migraine or a transient ischemic attack, to years, as in dementia. Resulting neurological deficits may be transient or permanent, occasionally resulting in death.

Note Lupus is a viral disease.  The paper indicates she also ended up with meningitis

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Bull NYU Hosp Jt Dis. 2009;67(4):391-3.

Lupus cerebritis after visiting a tanning salon.

Geara AS1, Torbey E, El-imad B.  1Department of Internal Medicine, Staten Island University Hospital, 784 Olympia Boulevard, Staten Island, New York 10305, USA. abdallah.geara@gmail.com

A 53-year-old female was admitted to the intensive care unit for lupus cerebritis; she had a 15-year history of stable lupus. Over the prior 1 to 2 months, the patient visited a tanning salon and this triggered the exacerbation of lupus. Her initial symptoms were cutaneous in the form of an erythematous rash. Within 2 weeks she started to have headaches and was admitted for seizure and psychosis. Ultraviolet A exposure in the tanning salon is known to exacerbate lupus by modulation of the immune system at the level of the skin. It has also been found that ultraviolet light can lead to the formation of antinuclear antibodies. This case illustrates the need to emphasize the danger of the tanning salon to patients with systemic lupus erythematous; the risk is not only cutaneous, it can also be systemic.

PMID:  20001946

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