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Persepolis - And its sacred geography 06 Bull capitals and columns



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Physically Greek columns are embodying both the symbolism of the Tree and Tree of life [if they are Corinthian] and that of the Column as a portal to the spiritual world. If the Column is Ionic then the Ram’s horn top is a reference to the twin horns – the two tunnels – Sun and Moon.  The single column being the spine leading to the two main exit and entry points to and from the spiritual world at large.  There is in the columns here the symbolism of the scroll

A single large column, especially those columns which have a base with an obvious root like splay and tops/capitals with leafy decoration which the Greek columns had in their Corinthian columns, represents a tree.  The tree is the spine and crown chakra.  The splayed leafy decoration at the top and the slightly often bowed tree like trunk of the column shows it to be a representation of a tree and the fact there is only one large column indicates its symbolism.

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