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Osty, Dr Eugene - Supernormal faculties in Man – Mme Morel sees the gold hidden, and prophesies it will be found again



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Supernormal faculties in Man- Dr Eugene Osty

Circumstance and conditions of the seance.

On April 12th, 1916, my friend, M. Louis Mirault, happened to hear a refugee from the invaded provinces, whom he met at the house of M. G. Bd., of Strasburg, express his fear as to certain bonds that he had hidden in a wall, when the Germans were approaching.

Being due for a seance with Mme Morel a few hours later, he asked the man to-give him something of his, as he might be able to give him news of his papers. Quite astounded at such a proposition the-refugee allowed him to take the little knot of ribbon from the interior of his hatband.

At the end of the seance (which concerned other things), M. Mirault placed the tiny piece of ribbon in the hands of Mme Morel in her hypnotic state, and to shorten the time and not to fatigue the subject, said :

 " The person to whom this thing belongs left his house some hours before the arrival of the Germans. See what has happened for him since."

The percipient gave his exact description (which I omit), and said:

"What big hands he has! enormous, like no one else. I see him much disturbed. He goes down into a cellar by a stone stair … he goes down seventeen or eighteen steps.

He is carrying a packet containing valuables, and a little pot containing gold. . . . He lights a candle, displaces some empty kegs and pieces of wood. . He digs at the foot of the wall in some yellowish sand, and then into the wall itself, and puts the -packet and the little pot into the hole closes up the masonry, levels the soil and replaces the barrels and the wood. . -. .

He hears a noise . . blows out his candle

The noise ceases . . he relights his candle . . . leaves cellar and comes up the stair with staring eyes and an evil face, like someone who has done a bad action. , . ."

"What has become of the gold and the papers?"

"I see, sometime later, but before this present time, wrinkled hands seeking and finding, displacing all that . -. . but surprising. see also, later . . the man who hid the things quite happy, in possession of all . . . yes, all."


Some hours later, M. Mirault, in presence of his friend, M. G., read these lines to the refugee, who was stupefied and revealed what, except for these circumstances, he would have told to no one. The scene described by Mme Morel was exact.

The stair has seventeen steps, the sand at foot of the wall is yellowish, the bonds were in a packet, and-he had put the gold, not in a pot, but in a little round iron saucepan. He had been frightened by a noise, had put out the candle and relighted it. As to the ferocious looks when he went up the stairs, this, he-said, was probably true-the noise he had heard had irritated him, and he said, "If I had met anyone on the stairs I would have strangled him."

At this moment M. Mirault looked for the first time at the man's hands; they were extraordinarily big, with thick fingers such as he had never seen before. M. Mirault heard from his friend that this man was violent and liable to terrible fits of anger.

After the armistice, a letter from the refugee told him that the cellar had certainly been searched, but, he thought, not the wall, for he found the packet and the money exactly as he had hidden them.

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Osty, Dr Eugene

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