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Osty, Dr Eugene - Supernormal faculties in Man – Mme Morel finds the lost diamond star



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Supernormal faculties in Man- Dr Eugene Osty

Circumstances and conditions of experiment. In May, 1921, Mme S- went to Versailles for the day to visit several friends. She went in the morning, wearing a diamond star of great value. On returning home to Paris she missed the jewel. She was distracted. She told her husband of her loss. The Mayor of Versailles was informed, but the star had not been brought to the Town Hall. Mme S- was taken to see Mme Morel, a metagnomic subject when hypnotized, and sat in a corner of the room during the seance. One of her gloves was given to the percipient.

Details of the sitting.

On taking the glove, the percipient described Mme S- as her custom was, and then asked, "What am I to see about this woman?"

 "Look for what is troubling her at this moment."

"She is distracted over the loss of something . . . It is a large jewel. . How it shines . . . it is very valuable. . . . She may be at ease, it is not lost, it is hidden and will be restored. I see that she will wear it again."

 "Look for what happened when this lady ceased to wear the ornament, and what has since become of it."

 "Now I follow this lady as she leaves her house. I see her leaving in an automobile with another person and go to another town near to where we now are. I cannot tell its name; I see her go to three different houses, and then return here to this town where we are. The jewel has fallen near one of those houses. . . . I see it picked up by a woman, young, very stout, short, and blonde, with light eyes and hair. The ornament has been well hidden in a small piece of furniture and locked up. The finder thought of keeping it, but is afraid . . she is uneasy and will restore it."

 "What should be done to get it back?"

 "Nothing at all, especially not the measures that are thought of. In a few days, four or five at most, they will write to ask her to come. It will be given back. At that time there will be some small disagreeables, but nothing to signify. I affirm that the jewel will be returned before a week. There is no fear. I see that the lady will wear it again."


Four days after this sitting Mr. S.-_- was requested to go to Versailles on a matter that concerned him. It was said that a workman had found a diamond brooch, seeming to correspond with the description furnished, but that it could not be given him because another person in that town claimed to have lost a similar ornament and enquiry must be made.

There was some angry conversation between Mr. S- and the workman, which was the disagreeable incident referred to by Mme Morel. Finally the star was surrendered.

Some days later Mr. S- returned to Versailles to give the reward to the finder. The man thanked him, but said, "In fact, Sir, it was not I who found it but my sister, who picked it up as she came home from work."

The man was big and very fair. Mr. S- did not ascertain whether his sister resembled him, he took that for granted.

The source of the experience

Osty, Dr Eugene

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