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Muldoon, Sylvan - Deliberate Dehydration



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Sylvan Muldoon eventually used deliberate dehydration. So what is the method that Muldoon used to create raging thirst?  The following is not for the faint hearted!

Well, he was successful!  But with his success came an unfortunate kind of side effect, because his experience was of course none too pleasant, although it has a happy ending……….

A description of the experience

Projection of the Astral Body – Muldoon and Carrington 1929

I was successful at the very outset in producing projection of the astral body [an out of body experience]. To strengthen the desire-stress I would prevent myself from drinking for some time before trying the experiment, and at the same time aggravate the desire by thinking of drinking, gazing at a glass of water, putting it almost to my mouth, and then refusing to drink it.  Before retiring, I would force myself to swallow about an eighth of a teaspoonful of salt. This was an ordeal, as you may well imagine, but think of the " stress " which was put upon the mind by doing this ; imagine the desire for drink which was  accumulating even after sleep intervened..............

The first projection-by means of this method-in which I became conscious was a dream projection. I dreamed that I was walking along a dusty road. It was a sweltering hot day. I was thirsty, but could find no place to get a drink. I pulled off my shirt and tried to moisten my mouth with the perspiration which it contained.  My thirst was increasing. I was becoming weak and blinded by the sun, when finally I reached a farm-house. There was a windmill  I hurried as fast as I could to the tank below it but it was dry.   I looked up at the wheel above me and saw that it was not turning, and, knowing that it would pump water if the wheel turned, I began to climb the structure, intending to stand upon the platform at the top and turn the wheel by hand, and thus pump some water into the tank, then descend and drink it.  I began to climb up the ladder of the windmill. Just as I reached the top, the wheel began to turn rapidly and, catching my clothing, threw me outward through the air. I was glad (in the dream) that I was flying through the air, for I could see that I was speeding toward a river near my home, and that I should probably get a drink there.  Soon I was by the river and on my knees drinking.  It was at this moment that I became clearly conscious, and I found myself in the astral body on the bank of the river - which is less than 100 yards from my home - at a spot where I often sit when fishing.

A method, and one which I have proved to be successful in promoting  projection of the astral body is the following:
First, deprive yourself of drinking for a considerable period of time before retiring – presuming, of course, that you are attempting the experiment on going to bed at night.  The length of time during which you must refrain from taking liquids into the system must be calculated by yourself, as different individuals vary as to the amount of liquid required.  It is a good plan to begin in the morning, to deprive yourself of drink and if the desire becomes too intense as the day progresses, take a sip of water now and then, temporarily to allay the desire.  Toward evening, just before retiring, if the desire for water becomes too intense, take a few sips of salt water.  In this way you satisy the desire, in some degree, for a short interval, but the desire comes back stronger than ever later on.
Also, during the day, try to increase the desire for drink, by almost drinking, thinking of drinking, gazing into a tumbler of water etc.   Just before going to bed, place a glass of cold water in some place where you are accustomed to getting a drink – say in the sink in the kitchen.  Take a chair and look into the glass of water, concentrating upon the water in the glass.
Keep your eyes fixed upon the water  and as you do so, centre your mind upon your astral body, visualizing it as leaving your physical body in the room where you sleep, and travelling to the sink to drink the water which is before you in the glass. Have this vision of the route which the astral body will take in going to the sink for water firmly fixed in your mind. Repeat this mental process again and again, all the while gazing steadily at the glass of water
Now you are ready to go to bed and to sleep. You are thirsty when you do so, but forget about the thirst and begin thinking of your heart, slowing it down by concentration upon it. If you cannot possibly go to sleep, you will then have to take another sip of water, preferably salt water, and the desire will keep on increasing even after you sleep………………………..But the fact that you cannot go to sleep with ease shows that the stress of thirst is very strong within you; and this same stress which is keeping you awake so long is the stress which will impel the subconscious Will to move the body after you do go to sleep.
As you fall asleep, keep thinking of the glass of water;  keep thinking of your astral body moving out, and going to the glass of water. If you have the proper "incapacity" induced in the physical body, the astral body, during sleep, will move away from the physical, and attempt to appease the desire. The route you preplanned will at once suggest itself and the body will travel over that route.
I want to tell you that this is an extreme exercise, and will easily move the astral body, for, as a matter of fact, the desire for water alone will move the astral body, and the mind will direct the body over a route to some place where one can drink, without pre-planning the route and place. Yet, in going to the above extreme with the exercise, you are more sure of success.

The source of the experience

Muldoon, Sylvan

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