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Michaux, Henri - Passages - The amoeba state



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The expansion of the self experienced by Michaux here is not unusual, but takes on different forms.  In essence the person loses their body template.





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from Passages

The night leaves me cadaverous.  The corpse has to be revived.

However I don't have the impression of being a dead body in the morning.  If someone could see me at that time in accordance with my impressions, I would appear as a sea of clouds, a globulous sea of masses of flakes, a huge object that no doubt borders on the stratosphere.

Cloud though I may be, I am well aware that the state has its enemies, that I will soon have to become active again, definite, reduced in size... and that it would be wise to start moving in that direction.  I get busy immediately.  To manage that, to manage to reach the shape that I sense must be most favourable for me.  I gropingly aim at becoming a shape with feet or legs or pseudopods.

With many legs, I hope to find the floor more rapidly, I seem to be dangerously far away from it.  But I can't begin that way.  The gaseous planet or the immediately gigantic chloroformed amoeba, that I have become, won't allow it yet.

Courage!  In this mass a will remains.

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Michaux, Henri

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