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Marryat, Florence - The Spirit World – What happens on death



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Florence Marryat – The Spirit World

Well, then, dear friends — dear fellow -sufferers — (for I have suffered as much as you have) — let me try in my own way to prove it to you.

Let me show you, to the best of my ability and with the assistance of my spirit friends, how to set to work to do what I have done — how, that is, to open communication with those who have gone before you, so that they may be able to convince you that they live, and that you have only to wait a little longer before you will live with them again — that to that other world, which will seem so natural to you when you enter it, you will carry your own heaven, or your own hell, just as you will have made it for yourselves, whilst here below — that there is no torture designed for you by an All- Merciful Father, from the beginning of the world, but only that which you make for yourselves by the non-exercise, or repression of the natural love He has implanted in your breasts, for the benefit of your fellow-creatures.

Come with me and let us argue out the matter together, and find how we may best prove my theory to be the truth.

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Marryat, Florence

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