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Manning, Matthew - The Link - 23 'House elves' and 'Brownies'



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I couldn't resists the title even though Matthew at no stage saw a house elf or a brownie, or even mentions them, but these sorts of activity are in line with many other observations from much older sources of what benevolent house elves do!

A description of the experience

The Link – Matthew Manning

A strange incident happened in January 1972. I went into the town to purchase a gramophone record, "It don't come easy" by Ringo Starr, but was unable to get it in either of the two record shops. Disappointed, I walked back to school, but on entering my study ten minutes later I found a brand new copy in its sleeve on my desk, yet no one in my house at school had one, of that I was certain.

Where had it come from? I still don't know the answer. Did I wish so strongly to have this record that it simply materialised? Was it an apport from one of those who communicated with me?

On later occasions I have experienced similar situations, although I have never been able to force a wish to come true. Usually, I find certain objects if I have wished for them, not consciously in order to obtain them, hut subconsciously as part of my thoughts whilst trying to get hold of them in the most natural way.

For example, I was collecting material for a Guy Fawkes fire at the bottom of our garden. Finding myself short of rubbish, except for half a dozen cardboard boxes, I went to the house and asked my mother what I could use. There was no one else at home and she had no idea or suggestion. I returned to the bottom of the garden, and to my utter amazement I found a stack of large logs and wood placed next to the cardboard boxes.

At that time there was nobody who could have done this, let alone in the short space of time I had been in the house. In all, there were several hundredweight of wood and logs. The only explanation feasible is that they materialized as a result of mv wishing.

The curious thing is that the items that materialize in this fashion are never essentials; they are perhaps useful extras. Other such apports included several gramophone records, a bag of sugar, a bank note, a pair of black lace gloves and postage stamps.

A long-playing record of which I had a copy appeared one day in the house; it seemed to have come from another owner as it bore obvious marks of wear. There seemed no reason for this to materialise as I owned a copy of it already.

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Manning, Matthew

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