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McMoneagle, Joe - Experimenting at the Monroe Institite



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This observation describes Joe's experiments with Robert Monroe at the Monroe Institute with various sound frequencies.  It helps to prove the relationship between the frequencies and the different organs resonated

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The Stargate Chronicles - Joe McMoneagle

The first six days we spent cutting a tape, which he said would only work with me. Since he wasn't absolutely sure how his mixture of set signals would affect me, he started with a baseline signal and we built from there. The signals were modified as we went, dependent on my subjective reporting. Sometimes he would tweak the frequency just a bit and I'd have a sudden urge to urinate. At other times he'd tweak the signal a little bit and I suddenly couldn't remember what the word "color" meant, and couldn't describe anything with color in it.

It was all fascinating, but eventually we developed a very powerful tape that would actually make me feel as though my entire body was vibrating and hovering about six inches off the bed in the control room. From there, it was increment by increment, Iearning how to roll over without moving my body,  all the while doing practice remote viewing from sealed envelopes and what he liked to call exploration sessions.

The exploration sessions were interesting.  He was continually tweaking the dials while I was exploring, and watching my physiological response as reported though electrodes. I always felt as though I was completely detached from my body and stretched beyond time and space.  I learned to completely disassociate myself from the reality around me and to immerse myself in another place in space/time.

As we progressed, things became easier and easier for me, and the input became clearer. During actual remote viewings we noticed that the electrodes recording my leg and arm voltages would actually invert. You could watch them on the meter as one side dropped and the other rose until they completely inverted and began traveling in the opposite direction. Bob seemed to think that this was exciting and very meaningful. When we demonstrated it to Fred, he seemed to think so too. But, I wasn't so sure. Maybe my body had always done this no matter what I was doing, as long as I was relaxing.  In fact,  I learned much later that my body does exactly the same thing as I'm going to sleep.

As things progressed and got better, Fred started showing up on some weekends to observe. One weekend he brought some tasking in a sealed envelope, which he handed to Bob.  I asked him where it came from and he said he couldn't tell me.
Detailed descriptions of this tasking and the results are in my first published book, Mind Trek. The seven sets of coordinates turned out to be all located on the surface of Mars. Even I was stunned by the result.

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McMoneagle, Joe

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