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Hellstrom, Eva - Prophecy and Past Perceptions, exploring the realm of the past and the future in Egypt, 1952



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Herbert B Greenhouse – Premonitions:  A leap into the Future


ln 1952 Mrs. Hellstrom took a trip through Egypt. One afternoon in Aswan, she had a very striking vision while awake. It appeared in the form of a moving picture, in colour, and was symbolic rather than realistic. It was accompanied by a "strong conviction" that there would be a future war between England and Egypt.

February 17, 1952. Today after lunch I was so tired that I had a pain in the throat. I lay for half an hour trying in vain to sleep. Then I saw a vision. Not very clear-I believe it was a riot or turmoil of some kind. Then I saw a bridge that collapsed or went to pieces. People were hanging on the iron beams amongst them was a Scotsman in a kilt, which I believe symbolizes that the British are in it.

In this vision bits of the past are woven into the fabric of the future. Mrs. Hellstrom later learned that there had once been fighting in the area and that people, having retreated to the bridge, hung on the iron beams to save themselves.

She felt strongly that the vision symbolized something terrible that was going to happen-something which would sever all relations between Britain and Egypt.

War between Britain and Egypt broke out on October 31, 1956. Mrs. Hellstrom wondered why she had seen a Scotsman in a kilt. She wrote,

"If I had seen an ordinary man in an ordinary suit, he could have belonged to any nation. Because I saw the Scotsman with his typical kilt, I understood that it concerned Britain."

Admittedly, it is much more difficult to interpret a symbolic dream than one in which the facts are laid out graphically. Many persons allow symbolic dreams of the future to slip away, even though they are accompanied by strong undefined feelings of apprehension. In such cases, it is best to think about the dream, note the images that are associated with it, and perhaps the subliminal message will emerge. By keeping a record of every dream and reviewing it from time to time, the meaning may become clear as the subconscious mind works it through.

Was there an emotional link between Mrs. Hellstrom, a Swede, and the 1956 war between Britain and Egypt?

Chances are that vibrations of the future were caught by Mrs. Hellstrom from the Egyptian setting in which she was travelling.

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Hellstrom, Eva

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