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Gentling the Bull – 05 Gentling the Bull



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Gentling the Bull – Gentling the Bull

If but one thought arises, then another and another follows in an endless round. Through awakening, everything becomes truth; through delusion, it becomes error. Things do not come into being depending on circumstances but arise from the herdsman's own heart. Hold the rein tight and do not allow any wavering.

Not for a moment may the herdsman drop whip and rein,
Or the bull would break free and stampede into the dust.
But once patiently trained and made truly gentle,
He follows the herdsman without halter or chain.
Now the bull may saunter through the hill forests,
Or else walk the much travelled roads, covered in dust.
Never will he touch fodder from another man's meadow.
Coming or going requires no effort - the bull quietly carries the man.
In patient training the bull got used to the herdsman and is truly gentle.
Should he now walk right into dust, he no longer gets dirty.
Long and patient gentling! In one sudden plunge the herdsman has won his whole fortune.
Under the trees, others encounter his mighty laugh.

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Gentling the Bull

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