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Genesis - Foxtrot - And a comment by Peter Gabriel



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There are an enormous number of symbols in the lyrics of the songs on this album, too many to list here.

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Genesis - Foxtrot (Full Album Remastered)

A Quietus Interview

from An Invasion Of Privacy: Peter Gabriel Interviewed
John Doran , September 19th, 2011 07:05

'Rhythm Of The Heat', ...was originally called 'Jung In Africa' after this amazing story about Karl Jung seeking to experience the sublime among the tribes people of Ethiopia. When he actually came face to face with a ritual ceremony one night, he became extremely scared and attempted to frighten them off by shouting and throwing cigarettes at them. I was wondering if you saw any of this dichotomy in yourself, the idea of a person being very exploratory but still very worried about what they might discover?

PG: Yeah. Oh yeah. There were parallels with me exploring African music. I love the idea of this guy who shaped a lot of the way we think in the West, who lives in his head and in his dreams suddenly getting sucked into this thing that he can't avoid where he has to let go of control completely and feels that he has become possessed in a way, not by a devil but by this thing which is bigger than him and I think there is a bit of that sense of the European exploring African music


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