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Fernandez Colavida – The medium who could be regressed back four incarnations



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As quoted by Gabriel Delanne - Materials for use in the Study of Reincarnation

At the 1900 congress, Mr. Estevan Marata made the following interesting presentation, which shows how it might sometimes be possible to revive memories from past lives during the sleepwalking state.  .....................It is clear that we have no effective demonstration of the reality of these retrocognitions here, because the second experience with the suggestion that these visions do not exist could not have any impact on the somnambulist consciousness of the subject.  Moreover, since no verifiable revelation is given with respect to these past lives, there is no reason to believe that they are a true resurrection of the past. 

A description of the experience

As quoted by Gabriel Delanne - Materials for use in the Study of Reincarnation

It was, he said, in 1887; in Spain there was a spiritualist group called Peace, whose founder and president was Fernandez Colavida, nicknamed, on the other side of the Pyrenees, the Spanish Kardec. In all its meetings, this group studied and monitored spiritualist problems. My wife and I were members of this group at that time.

However, one day, Mr. Fernandez Colavida wanted to try if he could provoke on a sleepwalker the memory of his past lives. This is how it works. The medium being magnetized to a high degree, he commanded him to say what he had done the day before, the day before, a week, a month, a year before, and pushed him thus he made him arrive until his childhood that he explained in all its details.

Always urging him, the medium told of his life in space, the death of his last incarnation and, kept urging him, he came up to four incarnations, the oldest of which was a completely wild existence. It should be noted that in each existence the features of the medium changed completely. To bring him back to his usual state, he took him back to his present existence and then woke him up.

Not wanting to be accused of being wrong, he had the same medium magnetized by another magnetizer who had to suggest to him that past existences were not true. Despite this suggestion, the medium again exposed the four existences, as he had done a few days earlier.

I obtained the same result on the same fact, with another medium [Les premières études ont été contrôlées par les membres qui forment le groupe « La Paix »]; I magnetized my wife to sleepwalking to verify a poem offered to her by Mrs. Amalia Domingo Soler, in which a spirit told her a fact that had happened to her in a previous existence; and indeed the case was confirmed by my wife in this sleepwalking state.

I think that if someone wants to undertake these studies, they can obtain the same results, but the medium must be surrounded by all possible care, because very dangerous accidents can happen to him. Do not go too far in your research and only try these studies with perfect sleepwalkers who are used to separating from the body and remaining united only by the perispirit.

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Delanne, Gabriel

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