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Ball, Dr Martin - On Sound and Structure



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I think he has hit the nail on the head.

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Sage Spirit - Salvia Divinorum and the Entheogenic Experience – Dr Martin Ball

Sage opens up a deep and profound level of awareness of the nature of sound and vibration, and there is a strong synaesthetic synthesis across the senses and awareness that takes place when sound is used as a sonic driver.  Simply put, one can easily ‘get inside’ the sound, and it can create amazing psychedelic structures within one’s experience, giving the impression that true sound is hyper dimensional.  By comparison, sound as experienced in normal states of awareness is two dimensional at best.  When in sage space, sound and vibration can give rise to what I’ve taken to calling ‘soundstructures in hyperspace’ in that the sound creates multidimensional structures and organic environments.  Through synchronising with the sage flow, we can enter into the various energetic patterns made accessible to us and explore the sound worlds that the vibrations create and open up to our awareness.

It seemed that only organic instruments can really build the structure of this dimension – it has to do with the resonant vibrations – the voice of the instrument.  The electronic aspects of the song didn’t really build structure.  Rather, with the song, I had the impression that the Sage Spirits expressed themselves through the organic instruments, like the flute and especially the didj.  The spirit only comes through when it’s really strong though, when it’s really flowing pure and clean with super resonant vibrations and overtones……………..

I started to think of how if our sound creates structures in ‘their’ dimension and they can be invited into our dimension to make sound, the shaman can use the sound to change structures in this dimension.  I thought of how one could sing the shape of a person to make them whole – sing their health, sing their physical form …. But there has to be the right vibration.  In the vibration the spirit can manifest, but it has to be just right.  It’s hard to explain.  In listening to recordings of my own voice, I could see the difference between moments when the right kinds of vibrations were there and when they weren’t.

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Ball, Dr Martin

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