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Bozzano, Professor Ernesto - Psychic phenomena at the moment of death – 50 ‘Stung’ by a broken ring



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Ernesto Bozzano - Psychic phenomena at the moment of death [110 cases suggesting survival after death]

Telekinesis related to death event

25-th case. - It was recorded by the Proceedings of the S.P.R. (vol. XIX, page 243); this is a strange and interesting incident, in which the telekinetic phenomenon is exerted on a ring.  The rapporteur, Mr Glardon, has communicated the names of the people involved to the SPR's board, with the request not to publish them. He wrote on August 31, 1894:

One of my friends, Mrs. F., daughter of a famous geologist, reports a surprising case of telepathy that she witnessed.

The case occurred a few years ago, when Mrs F. lived in Nervi, near Genoa, where she used to spend the winter. One day she was sitting on the rocks of the coast with a young American miss, who later became her son's wife. While the girl was talking with Mrs. F., holding her gloved hands on her knees, she suddenly screamed in pain.

"What is it? Mrs F. asked.

- I've been stung to a finger."

As she said this, she removed the glove and saw that a ring on her finger had cracked. She was dismayed and cried out:

"Oh! Mrs. F., at this moment a friend whom I love very much is dead."

She then explained that the ring was a gift from a young man who had given it to her the day before she left the United States, saying, "If I die, this ring will tell you the news."

Naturally Mrs F. did not take the incident seriously and, as she had never been involved in psychic research, she blamed her superstitious credulity on her friend. But a few weeks later, news was received of the death of the young man who had given the ring. Mrs. F. could not tell me for sure whether the death occurred precisely on the day the ring cracked, but she believes she can confirm it. Mrs F. is French, but she reads English. If you write to her, I believe she will respond by confirming what I have just communicated to you. Anyway, I'll transcribe her address for you.

Signed: Auguste Glardon.

The Board of the Society for Psychical Research wrote to Mrs F., who replied with the following letter:

Sir, in response to your letter, I can only confirm the facts that were communicated to you by Mr. Glardon.

Indeed, in January 1887, I was in Nervi, sitting on the rocks of the sea with a young American girl. While we were chatting cheerfully she held her hands motionless on her knees, she felt a sharp sting on one finger. When she put her glove off, she noticed that a ring she always wore on a finger had cracked and stung her.

However, it should be noted that, on the eve of her departure for Europe, this young girl had received the ring as a friendly gift from a young man. When he gave it to her, he said that if anything happened to him, she would be notified through the ring.

A few weeks after the event that had shocked her, the girl was informed of the death of the young man, which took place the same day, at the same time that the ring was broken ...

(Full signature: E. F.)

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Bozzano, Professor Ernesto

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