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Barley - The Healing power of herbs – Ceres Esplan



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The Healing power of herbs – Ceres Esplan

Barley (Hordeum sp) Cultivated barley if often polished and sold without an outer covering as pearl Barley.

Barley is now a frequently seen crop which is harvested, bagged up and sold, among other htings, as rain for cattle and for beer making.

Its straw is also sold as fodder and the grain has a multitude of purposes in the world markets.

However, the old way of boiling barley grains still makes a nourishing and diuretic drink if the soft grains are strained.  Grain can also be added to stews, casseroles and broth to improve their nutritive content.

Barley grains are soothing, particularly to the urinary system as they have a helpful demulcent quality.  Barley water is better than plain boiled water for diluting milk is the latter is too rich for invalids.  Boiled barley makes a soothing poultice for abrasions

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