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Lowell, James Russell - The sea is lonely, the sea is dreary



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The Poems of James Russell Lowell

The sea is lonely, the sea is dreary
The sea is restless and uneasy
Thou seekest quiet, thou art weary
Wandering thou knowest not whither;
Our little isle is green and breezy
Come and rest thee. O come hither
Come to this peaceful home of ours
Where evermore
The low west wind creeps panting up the shore
To be at rest among the flowers
Full of rest, the green moss lifts
As the dark waves of the sea
Draw in and out of rocky rifts
Calling solemnly to thee
With voices deep and hollow
‘To the shore
Follow, o follow
To be at rest forevermore


Thus on life’s weary sea
Heareth the mariner
Voices sweet, from far and near
Ever singing low and clear
Ever singing longingly
Is it not better here to be
Than to be toiling late and soon
In the dreary night to see
Nothing but the blood red moon


Here all is pleasant as a dream
The wind scarce shakes down the dew
The green grass floweth like a stream
Into the ocean’s blue
Listen, o listen
Here is a gush of many streams
A song of many birds
And every wish and longing seems
Lulled to a numbered flow of words
Listen o listen


To be at rest from the ceaseless roar
To be at rest forevermore

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Lowell, James Russell

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