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Corbin, Henry - Mundus Imaginalis



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Mundus Imaginalis, or the Imaginary and the Imaginal - Henri Corbin

The mountain of Qaf is the cosmic mountain constituted from summit to summit, valley to valley, by the celestial Spheres that are enclosed one inside the other. What, then, is the road that leads out of it? How long is it?
"No matter how long you walk," he is told, "it is at the point of departure that you arrive there again," like the point of the compass returning to the same place.
Does this involve simply leaving oneself in order to attain oneself)? Not exactly.
Between the two, a great event will have changed everything; the self that is found there is the one that is beyond the mountain of Qaf a superior self, a self "in the second person."
It will have been necessary, like Khezr (or Khadir, the mysterious prophet, the eternal wanderer, Elijah or one like him) to bathe in the Spring of Life.
"He who has found the meaning of True Reality has arrived at that Spring. When he emerges from the Spring, he has achieved the Aptitude that makes him like a balm, a drop of which you distill in the hollow of your hand by holding it facing the sun, and which then passes through to the back of your hand. If you are Khezr, you also may pass without difficulty through the mountain of Qaf."

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Corbin, Henry

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