Step 7: Final mechanisms

Look at the Model.

We now have a complete list of all the possible ways in which spiritual experience works.  We can overload or suppress one or more of the following in combination:

  • Reasoning system
  • Memory recall and learning systems
  • Nervous system
  • 5 senses system
  • Autonomic system – especially our sexual systems
  • Emotion system
  • Threats
  • Obligations
  • Opportunities
  • Desires

And this is how all spiritual experience works, all the activities I have described on the website do one or more of these things. 

Making love done well, for example, 

  • overwhelms the nervous system [overload]
  • overwhelms the 5 senses [overload]
  • overwhelms the autonomic system [overload] 
  • overwhelms the emotions [overload]
  • overloads the opportunities [at least that’s the way I see it]
  • stills the functions of reason almost completely [suppress]
  • stills memory recall almost completely, you live for the moment [suppress]
  • stills the function of learning almost completely and again assuming you are doing it right
  • suppresses all threats and
  • suppresses all obligations.

Furthermore when you truly make love the self - the ego- is totally subjugated in your love for another.  The overall effect is thus that of suppression if we add up very loosely the sum total of inputs to the will.  Of course if you make love clinging to the parapet of a 30 story building the threats actually increase a dash [I am told], in which case I suspect overload might be more in evidence.