Common steps and sub-activities

Perineum press

This method uses muscle contractions.


If you use muscle contractions you cannot avoid also holding the anus as well, but this means that the method effectively combines anal lock and perineum press in one.  The aim is to hold up the perineum and anus, not tighten them.

When you hold them up they can remain relaxed, but if you tighten them you might cause yourselves problems with vasocongestion which is a build up of blood in the testicles or vagina which can later cause unfortunate painful effects in a man -  called ‘blue balls’  - and give a feeling of menstrual cramping in a woman.

When you tense them you also cause tension in the abdomen and stomach, which can generate other problems. In the beginning, you will seem to need to use your muscles to do this, but after you have practiced for a time, you will find that the mind is more important than the movement of the muscles.  When you have reached this stage, you will feel a wonderful and comfortable feeling in the area of the Huiyin and anus. You will also feel that the Chi is led more strongly to the skin ….. It will feel like your entire body is breathing with you”.


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