Symbols - What does heaven look like


"St Benet's Abbey" by John Sell Cotman.

An interesting symbol as it is essentually representing the cone but with added features.

A windmill harnesses the Wind and thus is designed to harness spiritual energy much as a boat with its sails does, but whereas a boat moves across the ocean and sea a windmill stays still, it is land based.  Thus a windmill symbolically is not on some spiritual journey, but is nevertheless symbolically harnessing spiritual energy to drive it.  The four sails can sometimes be symbolic of ecstasy as they are in the form of the St Andrew's cross and the orans position.

Thus if we summarise, a working windmill with sails  is symbolic of a person with a vast amount of spiritual energy being input to them, who has achieved ecstasy thereby.

A windmill without sails, or a derelict windmill is a sad symbol of spiritual input gone.


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