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Themis was the Greek god who represented  mercy in the allocation of punishment.  She is a goddess of divine justice, but she protects the weak, shelters the vulnerable and shows mercy and compassion to those who show remorse. 

Themis is thus not a wrathful goddess like Nemesis and the Furies.  She is described as she, "of the lovely cheeks", and was the first to offer Hera a cup when she returned to Olympus distraught over threats from Zeus (Iliad xv.88).  She is usually shown without the sword of punishment because she represents justice delivered by common consent and agreement rather than justice simply delivered.

When Themis is disregarded, however, Nemesis brings just and wrathful retribution, in other words, if you abuse the mercy shown you by committing the crimes again or ignoring the retribution delivered by her, the full wrath of Nemesis is invoked.


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