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Solar wheel

The Solar wheel has exactly the same meaning  as the Wheel with eight spokes [assuming it has eight spokes!]

It is a frequently used symbol, but can be found in some unusual places……………

Solar Wheel in the Vatican

Now you may think that this may only be found on Celtic marker stones, but in the photo left we see the Solar Wheel in the Vatican – there is an obelisk at the centre, which has its own symbolism.

Ah yes folks, a so-called pagan symbol in a Catholic enclave, but do not fool yourself, the old Catholic priests understood the symbolism well, but wished to replace the three worlds Sun, Moon and Stars with the Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

Solar Wheel of the Year Stone, Sabden, Lancashire

In the second image on the left, we see the ‘Solar Wheel of the Year Stone, Sabden, Lancashire’.

There is some controversy over whether this is a solar wheel or not.

The Celtic seasons were named after the spokes on the wheel and the year was divided up into eight to match the stages.

Wheel showing the eightCeltic seasons


Assyrian solar wheel


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