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A highly complex concept which can refer, at a very particular level, to the relationship between a disciple and the guru or master;  but in a more general sense indicates the subordination of the will and the personality for the greater good of the ‘aggregate.

The Slave knows their Destiny and thus accepts the nature of the fate that the Great Work has deemed necessary for them.

The idea of the slave is linked in many ways with the idea of sacrifice - that occasionally a person has to be sacrificed for the overall progress of the aggregate, much as cells die in the attempt to keep the entire body going, or an ant may die in service of the ant’s nest.


In effect the ‘slave’ exists within all aggregates as does sacrifice.

A slave is thus a willing victim and aware of their role, whilst others may still be innocent victims but entirely unaware of their role.  The Great Work is also a Great Game and in the end we are all just pawns.