Symbols - What does heaven look like


 Systems integration – this is the twelfth stage in the Method  used for the Great Work .  the integration of each ‘system’ into the whole to make sure the ‘big picture’ is obtained, and that there is reuse where reuse is possible.  This activity includes any integration of the changes needed.  Hard, because you have to understand the whole system, which is why it is a solar task [Creator].  For this you need high Reasoning capability and the ability to Learn in a structured and logical way. And you need a good Memory, particularly for facts – the Database of facts.

The bow and arrow – the arrow of spiritual input like a lightning bolt see thunder and lightning.  So someone who is blessed with spiritual inspiration.

He takes the symbolism of the horse and the man – man as symbol in this case of the Intellect and the Conscious mind.

Implied in the symbolism is the concept of quick thinking – fleet of foot.


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