Symbols - What does heaven look like


A raft is an extremely insecure form of boat.  You are more exposed to dissolution by the sea water.  And a raft is extremely difficult to navigate, as such you are a bit at the mercy of the waves and the wind – what life throws at you.

Rafts don’t have rudders, as such you cannot steer your way towards a goal, in fact your life seems somewhat purposeless.  Rafts also rarely have sails – thus one has none of the benefits of spiritual experience to comfort and guide you.

An altogether unpleasant situation to be in.

Detail from "Hands,Rafts,Yellow_River" by Zhiwei Tu

The Raft – Lily Jelling

Without you, without you my world is so empty
Without you my life is so pointless and sad
No one, but no one, to love and to care for
No one, but no one, with whom to be glad
Alone, but with people surrounded, I flounder
Alone, but just drowning, in a sea of dreams
Alone on  a raft of pure terror confounded
Alone and without you, how endless it seems.


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