Symbols - What does heaven look like


Sushumna = Elixir;  pingala = sulphur;  quicksilver = Ida;  and
salt = wisdom - the Higher spirit and open crown chakra,
the end result of a kundalini experience

Quicksilver is spirit input, it is used in the Alchemy mystic system as one of the three Principles - Salt, Sulphur and Quicksilver, which is also sometimes incorrectly designated as mercury by those who take these things literally.  The correct symbol is quicksilver, as Quicksilver is more closely allied with Silver, the Moon and the Feminine.  In the alchemical context, the following designations may also be used:

Sulphur = Masculine principle = Conscious = Darkness

Mercury/quicksilver = Feminine principle = Subconscious = Light

Salt = Higher spirit and wisdom

The designations are not at odds with the idea of spirit input, as the intellect and the masculine principle produces 'hot'spirit output, the feminine principle accepts 'cool' spirit input and the higher spirit is the receiver and provider of both.

The idea maps onto the main energy streams found in the kundalini experience.

The blue line in the diagram below is Quicksilver.  You need to reference The Model of the Mind to obtain the definitions for these boxes





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