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Each Intelligence is ‘conscious’ with the shared functions of communication as well as the functions of the particular system which it controls.  But each Intelligence is also allocated a set of attributes that might be classified as Personality traits – an archetype.  These attributes are used to build up the Personality geared to our Destiny.  

Personality traits or Attributes  are functions just like any other function except thay they are unrelated to the operation of physical things. 

In the following charts I have listed some of the attributes of the PLUTO Intelligence.  These have been obtained principally from the books by Michel Gauquelin whose scientific study into this area was backed by huge volumes of research comparing actual people with their attributes.  Additional attributes have been obtained from the books by Jeff Mayo plus some other modern authors.

The PLUTO archetype is way out on a limb, the blue sky thinker, the revolutionary, the pioneer.




 Adventurous, venturesome, pioneering, go getting

Uncompassionate, unsympathetic,

Fearless, bold, audacious, daring,  brave, dauntless,  intrepid, unfearing, courageous, valiant, redoubtable

risk taker,

Unco-operative, Obstinate,  Obstructive, stubborn, obdurate, intransigent, Trenchant, wilful

Robust, hardy, tough

Mean, stingy, avaricious/greedy

Passionate, ardent

Dissipated, debauched, degenerate, dissolute, libertine, profligate,  fast, permissive, promiscuous, licentious

Busy, hard working, industrious, studious

Hostile, contentious, confrontational, argumentative, war mongering;

Crusading, revolutionary, reforming

Selfish, Thoughtless, Self centred, Inconsiderate

Single minded, focussed

Not constructive, obstructive, negative

Spiritual, devotional, ecstatic


Unconventional, Eccentric, crankish, Freakish/abnormal

Unconventional, Unorthodox

Deviating, Experimental, original, unusual

Fanatical and Extremist


Impractical, unworldly



Quiet, silent, reserved, taciturn

Battling, aggressive, belligerant, bellicose, combative, militant, quarrelsome, pugnacious, turbulent

Oblique, evasive, secretive

Ruthless , Cold hearted