Symbols - What does heaven look like

Liquid gold

Yet another symbol of spirit input.  This symbol is found in numerous cultures and was used extensively in Egypt and India.  Hindus use clarified butter as an alternative symbol, but given that clarified butter is gold in colour, they are effectively using the same symbolism – ‘liquid gold’.  The Aztecs used this symbol too.  Anywhere gold could be found, the symbolism was used.

The Rig Veda [translated by Wendy Doniger].

The fierce, tawny god of many forms has adorned his firm limbs with shimmering gold.  Never let the Asura power draw away from Rudra, the ruler of this vast world.


The Rig Veda [translated by Wendy Doniger]

Thus they shine forth facing me, the blameless band who take to themselves fame and drink of ecstasy.  Luminous and golden… you have pleased me when I looked at you, and you will please me now.


The Rig Veda [translated by Wendy Doniger]

Golden is his form, like gold to look upon; and gold in colour is this child of the waters.  Seated away from his golden womb, the givers of gold give him food.

 All the key pharoahs wished to appear at least as though they received extensive spiritual input , which is why their tombs show them as gold coloured or use gold leaf as decoration.



The Tarot cards of Aleister Crowley employ the same symbolism – in this case however, the Emperor is the source of spiritual energy.