Symbols - What does heaven look like


Alfred Eisenstaedt - "Lilly Dache, Hat and Veil" 1937                                  Gloria Swanson

 Lace takes its symbolism from weaving, the thread and cord, the loom and the web!

In essence it is just another reprentation, if applied to a person, of their part in the Great work - the plan they have been given - as well as the paths they have followed - so in effect both present, past and future plan and action all in one.

There is a link between the symbolism of knots, ties and laces which are the symbols of earthly ties and lace reinforcing the idea that the plan is for earthly existence.  And lace's complex patterns helps to show the complexity of people's lives in a more realistic way than simple cloth or net.

Lace can be used in a whole host of different contexts to apply additional meaning to this basic symbolism.  It can be applied to curtains for example, or veils

The colour of lace often ties in with the colour of the rainbow and its symbolism.

Some fascinating symbolism comes into play when lace is used in a collar or ruff.

Coral is synonymous in this context with lace but with the added link to the level and layer of water and its links with the tree - thus a tree of lace.


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