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Justice - tarot card

If you turn for a moment to the section in the home page that deals with How to get to heaven, you will see that the main 'external' blocks to spiritual experience are:

You are driven by your own desires, by the external obligations that you have, by the threats you perceive with your 5 senses, nervous system, and autonomic system or the opportunities you perceive with your 5 senses, nervous system, and autonomic system.

  • Desires and Opportunities  - The removal of desires and opportunities requires Strength - another tarot card coupled with Temperance.
  • Obligations and threats- the removal of obligations and threats  is helped by Justice

The system in the tarot isn't complete in some senses because it doesn't cover threats of a more local nature.  For example, if we eat something really nasty that might hurt us, we have effectively created an overwhelming threat [overload]. 

But the concept of justice does deal with the larger threats from others.  If, for example, we create a legal system that really works then we have considerably reduced the threats [suppress].

In contrast, if we create a tax and legal system so complex we seem to spend all our time filling out forms and worrying about the outcome, we have increased our obligations to overload proportions [or at least the government has done], and in a sense it is a negation of justice; if we move to a country which is less bureaucratic and imposes few if any obligations, we are free of that worry [suppress] and there is more justice.

So the idea of Justice in the Tarot was intended to be a pointer to the type of system needed in any  country where its populace seek spiritual experience, a system which helps to remove threats and at the same time minimises obligations.

I have provided more information on this idea in the section under Commonsteps called Justice, where I have provided some ideas for a better legal system.  This common step is part of the overall activity of Reducing threats.  In a sense therefore my system is perhaps a little more extensive tha that in the Tarot.

The activity of Suppressing obligations covers the other aspects within the overall concept of Justice in the Tarot. 










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