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Holy Grail

Within the Egg, each physical thing is allocated a cone of Spirit  that contains their functions – their implemented copy of the software.  Each implemented  cone touches at its apex with the twin cones of the Creator and Creation.  We see this symbolically in the  Hourglass .

The Holy Grail is a symbolic object based on the double cone or the hourglass.

The ‘bowl’ is the larger segment of the two cones and the base represents the cone of the soul.

To find the Holy Grail, essentially means we have taken the spiritual path and travelled from our soul package up the cone to get to the realm of the Creator/Created.

The Holy Grail as a symbol became known as a result of the story ‘Conte del Graal’ by Chretien de Troyes, but itself is derived from a number of earlier myths.  The symbolism is woven into a story involving the finding of a Fisher King and the four symbols – the grail [chalice], a sword, a bleeding lance and a carving dish the carving dish being a symbol of beheading









Rosetti - "The Holy Grail" (left)     and     Edwin Austin Abbey - "The Holy Grail"  (right)


Thel illustration below is by Arthur Rackham ‘How at the Castle of Corbin a Maiden Bare in the Sangreal and Foretold the Achievements of Galahad’


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