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The heron is not a terribly popular bird in the UK, despite its beauty.  The main reason is that it is a very good catcher of fish, and here lies some of its symbolism.  It is in some senses a symbolic fisherman.

First, however, I need to state that the heron takes on the symbolism of all birds.  The Heron is thus yet another bird used as a Means of transport and in shape shifting

Unlike the Ibis, with which it is often compared, its beak is straight, thus there is no connection with the Crescent moon.

But it is often a Black and White bird - thus there is also a connection with Darkness and Light - the balance between the intellect and the emotions that is essential to becoming a god.  And some herons are either pure White or Grey, both key colours spiritually.

It also straddles the worlds of Water, Earth and Air and is competent in each.

A Dictionary of Symbols – J E Cirlot
Among the Egyptians, a symbol of the morning and of the generation of life.  Together with the ibis and the stork, it carried a favourable significance.