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Borghese Gallery - "Front-sleeping hermaphrodite"

This symbol is not only a symbol but a concept as well, it is related to the symbol of  androgyny.

Louvre  KLQ2

If God - the Ultimate Intelligence - has all functions, it must by definition not be a 'he' it must be both a he and a she - hermaphrodite.

The belief that 'God' is bisexual [multi-sexual] is celebrated in many cultures by the presence of hermaphrodite deities, - for example Egypt has many hermaphrodite deities.  In India, this dual being – two sexes united in a single personality – was the primal force, the light from which life emanates

A Dictionary of Symbols – J E Cirlot
The hermaphrodite is, above all, a god of procreation.  The myth of the hermaphrodite was  known in pre-Columbian Mexico, in the figure of Quetzalcoatl, the god in whom the laws of opposites and of the separate sexes are finally united. 
The hermaphrodite divinity was also known in China and in many other countries – Persia, Palestine, Australia etc.   Plato, in the Symposium, states that the Gods first created Man in the form of a sphere incorporating two bodies and both sexes.  ......

Strictly speaking therefore we should stop referring to God, if we refer to God at all as he, and refer to he/she or maybe even she/he given the importance of the she part in spiritual experience.