Symbols - What does heaven look like


The gua hexagram as it is in the I Ching

The Chinese Element to which it corresponds


The name of the upper Trigram


The name of the lower Trigram


The description of the symbol as it is given in the I-Ching

Mountains one over the other

An image of keeping still

In correspondence with this

Whatever the superior person thinks

Does not go beyond his duties in his position.


Simply stated this gua means know when to stop and also don’t go too far.  If you have made progress in something -  taken action, built on it and achieved a certain level of success, then stop at this point to rest and reflect.


It can of course apply to any number of things on this website – building up sexual energy ready for a kundalini experience, learning on the spiritual path, achieving things on the hero’s journey, and any other ‘project’ that might come within the Great Work.


I have tried to capture what this requires in the activity Patience.