Symbols - What does heaven look like

Four humours

The four humours involve both concepts and symbolism and further detail is provided in the concepts section - see Four humours.

The theory of the four humours is based on the levels and layers – the vibrational levels and layers of Air, Water, Earth and Fire. The colours used are the alchemical colours and the words 'bile', 'phlegm', and 'blood' are symbols not literal.

The human body that we can see is made up of the physically apparent Earth layer functions as well as the Platonic solids, but it is also made up of other functions, which reside at various levels and layers. The names given to the various levels was symbolic and alchemical see the correspondences.

We can receive spirit input or we can produce spirit output. Symbolically spirit input is blue and cool energy, spirit output is symbolically hot red energy. If there is an imbalance in the inputs and outputs we get sick.


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