Symbols - What does heaven look like

Fallen angel

Here we see an angel being banished, the ‘fallen angel’, male notice,

 symbolically falls from the higher levels through the ‘water’ level

and then down to the ‘earth level’ which would be below this level

if this drawing is correct symbolically

A fallen angel is an Intelligence that has become physical, the implication is usually that this was not by choice, it is a sort of demotion.  An Intelligence, by definition is blessed with a great number of functions and more suited to the higher vibrational levels, as such to be sent to the physical level of Earth would be a punishment of some magnitude.  It would be on a par with us having to live and communicate with slugs in a stagnant pond.

I have not met any of these, [fallen angels, not slugs] in fact it is rare to meet any intelligences these days, I suspect it no longer happens, on the basis that the punishment is just too severe [sorry – I’m joking – or maybe I’m not].

A fallen angel is nearly always depicted as dark or black.  In effect the symbolism of darkness and the world of reason and intellect has also found its way into angel iconography, so that an angel who has ‘fallen to earth’ – become human - is also symbolically a ‘masculine’ left brained individual  and is nearly always in dark clothes.