Symbols - What does heaven look like


Eleven – takes its meaning from the fact it is a 1 and 1 together.  It can thus represent the Twin pillars and the two energy streams – spirit input and spirit output – the implication being that they are in balance.   By extension Ida and Pingala are in balance. Masculine and feminine energy. are in balance   A circular flow of energy has been achieved [see diagram below]. 

As ten is perfection there are some who view 11 as some sort of strange anomaly – perfection gone wrong, but within a number system with more numbers, for example, the mystic system with its twenty two numbers, this cannot be valid, as all the rest of the numbers would all be anomalies too [and they aren’t]!

Within the symbolism for the spiritual path, the midnight hour is symbolically the time of rebirth.  Up  until that time, an initiate would have been expected to have done a considerable amount of preparation, thus the idea of the “eleventh hour” suggests urgency, this is the last hour to get things done.  It is also the judgement hour - are you fit to proceed on the path.

There is one more rarely used meaning.  In the Hindu pantheon, there were Intelligences that were the equivalent of the Planets [see Intelligences and their synonyms], but there was also an Intelligence that represented each of the Elements.  Thus Agni, for example, was the god of Fire.

Eleven in this case described all the Intelligences in the Intelligence hierarchy – the Planets and the Lords of the Elements.