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Days of the week

The days are named after  the Planets – the symbolic planets – see also Intelligences and their synonyms.  The names used in English derive from the Norse names for the gods.

  • Monday – Moon day
  • Tuesday – Tiw's day, Mars day [same god, same Intelligence]
  • Wednesday – Woden’s day , Mercury [same god, same Intelligence]
  • Thursday – Thors day, Jupiter [same god, same Intelligence]
  • Friday – Freya’s day , Venus [same god, same Intelligence]
  • Saturday -  Saturn’s day
  • Sunday – Sun’s day

This is why Genesis in the Bible says the world was made in seven ‘days’, it was built in seven layers where each Intelligence with its systems became operational at that time.  So it provides the rough order of implementation of the systems of the universe  but it has nothing to do with timescales.

By calling the days of the week with these names we are celebrating the act of creation.


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