Symbols - What does heaven look like

Darts and javelins

Darts and javelins have exactly the same symbolism as the Arrow.

Apollo Reflected  in-Pool at Versailles.

 Apollo was also known as ‘far darter’,  a dart being an alternative to an arrow.

Plato Republic

Loving Homer as I do, I hardly like to say that in attributing these feelings to Achilles, or in believing that they are truly attributed to him, he is guilty of downright impiety. As little can I believe the narrative of his insolence to Apollo, where he says,

'Thou hast wronged me, O far-darter, most abominable of deities. Verily I would be even with thee, if I had only the power;'

The concept of going as fast or flying as fast as a dart gives us the English word darting about…

Homer – The Odyssey

This was what Minerva was already eager to bring about, so down she darted from off the topmost summits of Olympus.


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