Symbols - What does heaven look like


 By Agnolo Bronzino

The Roman god Cupid symbolically represents masculine love.  The Greek equivalent are the Erotes, not Eros.  Eros personifies the function of Divine Love.  Aphrodite/Venus [female] and Cupid/Erotes [male] represent the functions of love that we possess ourselves.

The Greek symbolism of masculine love was more sophisticated than that of the Romans.  Cupid was portrayed by the Romans as a mischievous child,  later on, personifications made him more of an irresponsible adolescent.  This child wielded arrows which delivered desire, obsession, lust, but also romantic love and rejected love - thus symbolically the functions of Cupid and the Erotes were similar.  Cupid was also representative of  sexual intercourse, he too like Venus, was worshipped as a fertility deity.


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