Symbols - What does heaven look like

Crown of thorns

Whenever we draw up a project plan for someone it looks like a very complex series of paths with possible branches dependent on what happens at each stage. 

What else looks like an interwoven mass of paths with lots of interdependencies and complex interlacing roads and branches ? 

A wreath or a crown made of twigs and branches.

So wreaths and crowns of foliage represent our project plan, our destiny.

But what if our destiny  - what we have been tasked to do -  is horrendous, hugely difficult and fraught with pain and difficulties.  What can we use to symbolically represent something very very nasty that may hurt whilst we undertake this journey?

A wreath of thorns.

A crown of thorns is symbolic of a destiny no one in a month of Sundays would want landed on them, but landed it has been.
Jesus was given a crown of thorns, but he wasn’t the only one.
Quite a number of brave people have take on a challenge – accepted a destiny – that was a veritable mass of thorns.


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