Symbols - What does heaven look like


The anchor is a symbol that combines the Cross with the chalice or cup, thus the cup, chalice, bowl, goblet or glass.  It means that the body as the cross is receptive to spiritual input.  At the top is the head, thus the implication is that input is being received from the spiritual world.


The anchor form, based on , is specifically a symbol of receptivity  - open upward toward the spiritual world.  In effect, ready to receive the input not passively accepting it.

The combination is also known as the  anchor cross, the crux dissimulata, and the un-similar cross.  These were all used as a Christian symbol of hope from the time when the Christians in the Roman Empire had to practice their religion in secret because of the persecutions.

We can also compare this symbol with the combination of ankh and the old so called  ‘pagan’ cross  with to form .


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