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Sun spot activity - Tchizhevsky

Russian Professor Alexander Leonidovich Tchizhevsky (also written Chijevsky or Tchijevsky) observed a correlation between heightened sun spot activity and events on earth, including violence (in particular the first world war and the Russian revolution), disease and physical events.

Chart from the last page from Tchizhevsky's paper showing incidence of the episodic leaps in the sunspot activity (lower curve) and the outbursts of revolutionary activity in the masses on the territory of Russia during the period from 1 October 1905 until 1 April 1906 (strikes and meetings: bombs and attempts: immediate repression).

Link (opens in new window) to the whole paper on sun spot activity and its influence on human history "Physical factors of the historical process" by Tchizehvesky - 17 page pdf file.


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