Some science behind the scenes

Roof of mouth

There are two trigger points in the mouth – one is the roof of the mouth itself which is the junction of a number of nerves.  But there is also another trigger point that lies way back at the very back of the mouth and is a direct trigger on various endocrine glands. 

The Governor and the Conception vessel both use this latter trigger point [energy vessels or reservoirs].  Thus this is a point where the yang and yin energies meet.

There is a direct correspondence between yoga, Qigong and Craniosacral therapy, for example, in the use of these trigger points,  the roof of the mouth is stimulated in all three techniques .  In yoga you do the pressing yourself – which is not that easy.  In craniosacral therapy, the healer does it for you.

The roof of the mouth  affects the trigeminal nerve.


But as you can see it is also very close to some major glands – the pituitary and pineal gland as well as the hypothalamus.


The diagram below shows which hormones are released from these glands.  Note that the pituitary and hypothalamus are both sources of oxytocin.




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