Some science behind the scenes

Pain in the solar plexus

Pain in the solar plexus is a side effect of spiritual experience or of someone capable of spiritual experience through genetic inheritance.  It can be excruciatingly painful, like having an ulcer. 

Anyone interested in Hindu, Chinese or similar medicinal techniques would refer to the chakra located at this spot. There is a strong connection with the heart at this location as such functionally it is key.  There is very little one can do about it, except that acupuncture does help, as it serves to dissipate the energy that has built up and remove ‘blockages’.

Given the effects of emotion and extreme emotion on blood pressure, we cannot rule out this as one contributory [but not the only] factor.  It may be that the very high emotion resulting from the experience causes a significant rise in blood pressure which in turn affects both the heart and the arteries.  There are a number of major arteries in this area. 

It is frequently experienced by people who are not on drugs and are using relatively mild techniques and mechanisms.  It is also experienced, however, by those on drugs.  Thomas De Quincey [opium], for example, had intestinal problems, and problems with his vision.

The solar plexus is believed in many cultures to be the seat of the Subconscious, when the Subconscious is treated as a form of Personality in its own right [see for example the Kahuna system]; as such any problems within the Subconscious or high levels of interaction between the Subconscious and the Higher self will lead to pain.


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