Some science behind the scenes

Highway construction

Metal deposits, fault lines and other features that are conductive to electric current tend to join up, these currents can ‘flow’ and the overall currents so generated are called ‘Telluric currents.’  Telluric currents result principally from natural causes, but because man has now added numerous man made conductive structures to the earth’s surface, from the Eiffel tower to the Alaskan pipe lines, these can have an overall effect, spreading the interconnectivity.

Highway construction along with many other engineering projects that affect the earth’s surface can cause a disruption to the flow of the currents – occasionally breaking a current that was there, at other times creating a current that was not there before by creating a linking path – perhaps a metal bridge, a conductive pipe  or some other metal or similar.

Furthermore,  if we dig a big trench or a ditch or similar in front of a seam which generates the current, we serve to concentrate the current in that area, it cannot ‘escape’.  These become quite specific focal points Stand at these points and you are likely to get a little low intensity burst of low frequency electric current.

It is also at these points that you get BOLS – balls of light caused by charge build up at discontinuities and caused by discharge of electric current.