Some science behind the scenes

Frequency with which one should use the techniques

The intention is absolutely not that you try these techniques on a permanent basis, simply because you wouldn’t function as a human being if you did, you would effectively be someone going around in a waking dream – if you went around at all  - and appearing to be a rather useless cabbage.

Once upon a time, society was prepared to support those who sought permanent spiritual input, because it believed that they might give  them ‘greater truths’.  As the majority of truths so obtained are pertinent only to the person themselves and are not wider truths, this was a bit of a bad investment on their part, but given the state of knowledge at the time, I suppose they were grasping at straws a bit.

No society can function on having most of its population doing this en masse all the time.  Anyway it isn’t necessary, once in a while very infrequently is all it needs.  Some people have been happy with one profound experience. 

The ‘fool’ state [for such it is  - as without reason you are in effect a fool]  can also do you great harm if you do this on a very frequent basis, you can become a permanent fool.  Those who take drugs often are just this – permanent fools – they have lost their reason because the constant bombardment of their function of reason eventually stills it completely.  Much worse – they have absolutely no idea it has happened and will argue till the cows come home that they are perfectly sane and lucid. 

They convince themselves of this because they can still talk and are conscious - just. 

But then so is a parrot.