Does heaven exist? With well over 100,000 plus recorded and described spiritual experiences collected over 15 years, to base the answer on, science can now categorically say yes. Furthermore, you can see the evidence for free on the website allaboutheaven.org.

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This book, which covers Visions and hallucinations, explains what causes them and summarises how many hallucinations have been caused by each event or activity. It also provides specific help with questions people have asked us, such as ‘Is my medication giving me hallucinations?’.

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Some science behind the scenes

Communing with nature scientific perspective

There are two important aspects about unspoilt countryside, gardens and allotments  that affect us when we are in it.  One is related to the plants themselves and one is related to perceptions

Plants produce an electric charge

Plants contain cellulose and cellulose is a transducer.  Cellulose can convert mechanical energy such as sound or movement into electrical energy.  If we handle a plant, or talk to it, or lie one it,  or sing to it or play it music and thus subject it to sound waves, then the transduction effect will create a small low intensity electric current.
Wood is a natural composite of cellulose fibers. And wood too is a transducer because of its cellulose content and its resin content.  The resin in trees is an ‘electret’ and a transducer. More about this in a moment.
Any tree blowing in the wind produces a small electric current. Because resin is also an electret  any charge generated in a tree will be held and builds up.  Hugging a tree after days of a strong storm or high winds may provide quite a significant low frequency charge.
This same electric current helps the plant to grow.  
It is not a myth that sound delivered to plants has no effect – it does.  In the outdoors, the plants are mechanically stimulated by the wind and wind helps a plant grow by inducing current, so a windy garden is not necessarily a bad thing.  The effects of rain [more mechanical stimulation] may also have a positive effect, which means that watering plants in a greenhouse should be done via a reasonably powerful sprinkler system, not by irrigation.  Again we find that intensity is important, even with plants.  Low intensity sound and movement appear to promote growth whereas high intensity sound and movement damages in the long term and in particular it appears to damage the genes of plants.  For more details see Plants
Although I have covered plants as being one potential source, scientists have discovered that all living things produce electrical 'potentials'.  We are all electrical beings.  But a city is not an electrical place [unless one counts static electricity] because it contains relatively little [comparatively speaking]  that is living. 

Plants [and stones] can store perceptions

Both plants and minerals appear to be able to store perceptions. For more details see Perceptions - what has perceptions.
Whether subconsciously or via conscious spiritual experience we can access those perceptions – see Perceptions – exploring perceptions.
Thus all things have a perception log and if you happen to be interacting with a thing, that interaction will be recorded on the log.  A city is full of people with noise and dirt and exhaust fumes all of which are impacting the buildings of the place.  Furthermore, it is full of busy often worried people.  In a city – spiritually – you have noise, noise of an unparalleled volume, a sort of cacophony of thoughts and impressions, none of it likely to be pleasant and all of it detrimental to positive input.  All your composer will be able to pick up is the jarring hiss of a million plus minds on overload with all their worries, their hates and loves, their desires and anger, their fury and gloom.  Some of that will be feeding back from the buildings they have been in.
Go the countryside and you are away from all of this .  All you will ever be able to pick up is the perceptions of the plants and the creatures in it, which have a tendency to be a darn sight more placid and at peace.
The fact that tree resin and cellulose is an electret means it may be capable of behaving a bit like a silicon chip and actually storing information.  Thus in theory whatever happened near or under a tree or other plant may be stored in its cells and through the right spiritual experience may also be capable of ‘access’ recall.  This may sound hugely far-fetched, but the observations I have collected tend to provide some support for this hypothesis.  Here is just one example:

Hazrat Inayat Khan
Often people have superstitions about a tree being haunted, and this one finds much more in the East.  Actually a vibration has been created, consciously or unconsciously, by someone who has lived there, who has taken shelter under the tree and pondered upon a certain thought, upon a certain feeling which the tree has taken up and which the tree is expressing.  Perhaps the person has forgotten about it, but the tree is still repeating the thought that has been given to it; for the tree can express the voice that was put into it more clearly than a rock.
In tropical countries where in ancient times people used to travel on foot through the forests and woods, and take shelter under a certain tree, all that they thought and felt have been taken up by the tree.  Those with intuitive faculties open have heard it more clearly than if they had heard it from a living person.

How it works scientifically

Low intensity Resonance.  There are two possible mechanisms 


Resonance is induced via Piezoelectricity - the charge which accumulates in certain solid materials  in response to applied mechanical stress.  Thus 

  • The tree is mechanically shaken by the wind, alternatively people apply sound stimulation to the tree 
  • The wood and resin  in the tree via its transducer effects converts the mechanical vibration to a small electric current 
  • The electric current in the tree produces a spiritual experience via resonance  

Induced low frequency sound via telluric currents 

  • The geomagnetic forces of the earth produce telluric currents that are electric currents that travel in the earth 
  • A grove of trees may have been sited or may exist on a spot where a telluric current is particularly active producing an electric current that travels through the tree 
  • The wood in the tree via its transducer effects produces a mechanical vibration – an oscillation which itself produces infrasound.  The alternative of course is that the trees’ movement itself produces infrasound 
  • The infrasound produces a spiritual experience via resonance.  There is no need for special equipment as sound at these frequencies can travel through anything except a vacuum – the ear is not needed for it to penetrate the skull.

The frequency of the sound or electric current is key.  As stimulation works via resonance, the frequency of the sound or current must match the resonant frequency of the organs in the brain to be stimulated

 As every person differs in the size of correspondent organs in his/her brain, it is possible that a certain frequency will work for one person but not another  – one may get a profound experience, another may get nothing, another might get an overwhelming prod to their emotions and feel bliss joy or despair.